Signal Audio is a Melbourne based event production company servicing events nationwide, specialising in live sound and event design. We offer a complete production service with solutions tailored to your needs. At Signal Audio we work with a team of professionals, each specialists in their own field. Together we offer the most comprehensive event solutions on the market.

Every event matters. Whatever the scale, attention to detail sets Signal Audio apart.
Signal Audio offers up to date and streamlined inventory ensuring efficient deployment. Available for production or dry hire.
Bespoke technical event design = solutions crafted to your venue and event.
Corporate clients welcome. Contact us for referees.


At Signal Audio we run a lean operation giving you the best prices. If our own equipment doesn't cover the needs of your event and venue we will procure additional resources from our extensive supplier network. Dry hire is also available from our inventory which includes:

  • Digital & Analogue Mixers

    Midas, Allen & Heath

  • Recording

    Denon, Presonus, Klark-Teknik

  • Signal Processing & FX

    XTA, BSS, Klark-Teknik, Drawmer, Lexicon

  • Microphones

    Neumann, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, RĂ˜DE, DPA, AKG, Shure, Klark-Teknik, LA Audio

  • Speakers

    RCF, Martin Audio

  • Radio Systems

    Sennheiser with DPA, Sennheiser & Shure capsules

  • Film & TV Support

    Wendt, Sennheiser, K-Tek, Rycote, Miller

  • Lighting

    LED Cans, Fresnels, Dimmers, DMX, Rigging

Contact Signal Audio for a full list of available assets or a quote.


Tad Errey is the manager of Signal Audio and has served the event industry for the past twelve years. With extensive experience in live sound and technical event design, Tad can integrate all your technical needs providing your event with a seamless finish.

It is often necessary to use resources from a number of suppliers, and this requires an added degree of coordination, particularly in pre-production. Tad's experience in drafting and custom equipment fabrication avoids the common doubling-up of resources. This ensures that events are tidy, well-planned and elegant in their execution.

Tad's specialty is live sound for special events with unusual requirements, including such challenges as multiple broadcast feeds, live-crosses to other sites, heavy pre-recorded content integration, and elaborate one-off events.

Since 2008, Tad has also specialised in offering drafting services for special event rigging. This soon grew into complete design for special events with full integration of event services. This level of pre-planning saves considerable time and expense in the setup of complex events, as it offers solutions to problems that typically arise onsite from the integration of equipment from various suppliers.

Tad's breadth of experience along with that of the other professionals he works with ensures that clients receive only the finest complete production service.


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